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Rossi Dengler+Texa von der Kinzigau

Last Update 2017

We moved from
Germany to Utah
in June 2015

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25 Years SV - Membership

Lizenced Beagle Trainer


Texa von der Kinzigau

Ahnentafel / Pedigree
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Texa  von der Kinzigau

Zeus vom Weinbergblick

. .
Qwendi von der  Kinzigau


... ..  

Vito vom Waldwinkel 
Mona vom Haus Pixner  ....

Uno vom Stadtfeld 
Cecca vom Geestland ....

Texa von der Kinzigau

Breed Association

Type of coat
Sable with darker shading
Height / Weight

59 cm / 29 Kg
Breed Book No.

FCI / SV SZ 2273231
2. Breed Book No.

Health Results (Germany)
HD: A-nomal (Free / A-Stamp)
ED: A-nomal (Free / A-Stamp)
HD ZW  (Breed Value)  74
(SV -  09-2018)
DM N/N clear
Show Rating

(LG-Zuchtschau /
Regional Show)
Breed Survey

KKL Breed Survey Lifetime

Working Titles
Participated Events
NW Regionals  2x (2016,2018)
Dieter Gerlach

DNA-Test auf Degenerative Myelopathie N/N reinerbig frei!
DNA-Test on Degenerative Myelopathie N/N clear!


BREED PLANING February 2018
We are happy to announce that we could Breed our Texa to Glenn on Saturday, 02/24/2018 in Malibu, California! Cross fingers :-) We'll keep you updated!

We had to "move" our breed planing with Texa and Glenn into the Spring!
Texa has decided not to come in heat this fall.

September 2017

NW Regional IPO Championship 2017

is qualified for the NW Regional IPO Championship 2017 in California. We are excited to show her, she is in excellent conditions!
This time she had no Puppies like last year at this time, so hopefully she will be a obedient firecracker :-)

USCA IPO NATIONAL Championships 2017, Indianapolis 2017

Texa an me are signed in for the USCA Nationas!!!!!!
 We are so excited!!!! She qualifies for the USCA Natinals this year after attending on the Regionals. YEAH EXCITED !!!

May 2017

Utah GSD Schutzhunde Club

Texa got her IPO 3

Texa got her IPO3 Title under SV Judge Norbert Feeser at Utah GSD Schutzhunde Club.
She was awsome, such a strong female with hard strong grips and bites.
Texa always took it very seriously the protection phase!

Tracking : 95 points
Obedience: 90 points
Protection: 96 points

March 2017

Menlo Park Schutzhunde Club, CA

Texa got her IPO 2
Texa got her IPO2 Title under SV Judge Holger Pecho at Menlo Park Schutzhunde Club in California.

Tracking: I coudnt bring her to 100% into the tracking search mode on that knee-high gras field. Therfore she overtook both articles. 72 Points.

However, too many unconcentrated moments. The Dumbbell thrown over the A-Frame was not found after the powerful jump, but she did not give up and made me happy with the dumbbell in her mouth at her back jump. (Girls and throw !!!)
2 command for the send out Platz.
86 Points.
Protection: Our Texa always took it very seriously the protection phase! So she needs two out commands after the attacks, reaching 87 points.

14 January 2017

Texa got her Breed Survey for Lifetime!
USCA Southwestern Breed Survey at West Coast Schutzhund Club, SV Judge Lothat Quoll.


23-25th of september 2016


We are so proud of our "Texa von der Kinzigau" that she was in such a excellent shape to do the Regional IPO Championship after only 12 weeks of the birth of her puppies.
Thank you Texa, you are my Babe!
(All the Great Pictures from our friend Brian Aghajani)

25th of september 2016
PROTECTION                                                                                                                                                                                      Texa von der Kinzigau SD  

Search for the helper, very quick but a little wide
Hold and bark, very nice strong barking - bumbs to the helper twice
I Call her out bevore he told me to.
Short excape - little more control in the obedience from call out to escape!
She comes with a really nice speed and a nice full grip and actively fighting the helper - out ashould be a litlle quicker ( It was a preview what will come).
Than she goes to a nice stron guardian.
She comes up with pressure with a big heart, full grip, very strong.
Long down, she comes down with a very good speed, drives straight to the helper with a nice full grip! - requieres two extra out comment and than take two big bites.
Side transport, she did not sit next to the helper.
TSB is obvisously pronounced 75 Point


OBEDIENCE                                                                                                                                                                                   Texa von der Kinzigau UO   
25th of september 2016
Texa showed a very happy, free work ethic with nice attention - too much crowdy, little hopping.
Very quick sit, attentive and calm,  fast down, attentive, recall fast - bumb in the front.
Retrieve flat, through the dumbell, gets vocal, nice quick pick up, nice speed back - regrips one time, than hold it.
Retrieve over the hurdle - goes around the jump, picks it up and hits the jump on the way back.
Retrieve over the wall, climb up is correct,  pick up is correct.
Sent out with down, gone with a good speed but - than she stopped on her own.
76 Points

24th of september 2016
Texa got only 60 points for her tracking. She tracked very concentrated at this dusty field - a little fast.
She didnt find the sunked artikels.


Auguts 2016

Texa is qualified for the NW Regionals 2016 in California. We signed in!
April / Mai 2016

We looking forward to our first Litter here in the US "Vom Haus Denfors K9"

We breed Texa with Molin in May 2016!
Litter planned for end of June 2016.

Finally we decided for an excellent imported German male for our Breed from our Friend Vincent Tran/California:

Molin vom Salztalblick

Texa von der Kinzigau

09. Mai 2015
Texa von der Kinzigau meisterte gestern souverän ihre Körung in der SV OG Bellheim!
Schön wars bei euch Bellheimern! Dankeschön!

Großen Dank an Lehrhelfer der LG10 Michael Kampmann und Körmeister Ch. Ludwig.


09. Mai 2015

LG Jugendzuchtschau Hessen Süd 2015

Texa von der Kinzigau
HF: Jonas Dengler

29. April 2015

Zuchtschau in Maintal - Dörnigheim

So das hätten wir ....... thats it.....

Danke Jonas für das Führen unserer "Pipse" auf der Zuchtschau. Danke Uwe für das Fotografieren!
Thanks to my son Jonas and to all our friends, especially to Uwe and Mandy Menzel

Texa von der Kinzigau
HF: Jonas Dengler

März 2015

Nach langer Trainings- und Winterpause
After a long winter  break

Meins !


Juni 2014


arbeitsfreudig, schnell und sicher


Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Unsere AUSDAUERPRÜFUNG in der OG Praunheim heute bestanden!

Der Herbst ...Training geht weiter .......


Sonntag, 02.06.2013
Prüfung im Usinger Anzeiger - Bericht
Teams der Prüfung am 02.06.2013
Pressebericht Usinger Anzeiger

Sonntag, 02.06.2013

Texa 18 Monate,    BH Prüfung in Usatal-Usingen

Gruppe Usataler :-)
in der Gruppe
Abrufen und sitz


Texa 8 Monate 
Bernbach, Juni 2012

Texa 7 Monate
 April 2012

6 Monate alt

19 Wochen alt

18 Wochen alt

13 Wochen alt 

Friends for Life

Der Deutsche Schäferhund - The German Shepherd

FCI-Standard Nr. 166
  Ursprung: Deutschland 
Rüde: 60-65 cm - Hündin: 55-60 cm 

Rüde: 30-40 kg - Hündin: 22-32 kg 

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"Horand von Grafrath", der Stammvater aller Deutschen Schäferhunde
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