Rossi Dengler and Markus Forman,   Cedar Hills, Utah, USA      (801) 413 - 4226

Last Update 2016

We moved from
Germany to Utah
in June 2015

25 Years SV - Membership

Lizenced Beagle Trainer



"Vom Haus Denfors K9"
Breeder of top quality German Shepherd working dogs.

Call  USA:  001 - 801 - 413 - 4226 or Email:

We still have 1 Male puppy for sale.

Puppies come with AKC Registration, Microchip and first Vet visit with shot ans deworming.

This litter is 0% Inlinebreed!

All puppies from this litter are
-  big boned like the dam
-  beautiful dark sable with dark faces
- They are healthy with hips and ellbows
-  Parents with A-Stamp hips and ellbow and german pink paper!
-   excellent working potential
-  strong and confident and with a high prey and food drive
-  The puppies ared very driven puppies with super nerves, no environmental issues and really great temperament

Parents with powerful temperament high drive and hardness with incredible powerful bitework. Excellent tracking dogs with intensity nosework.
Parents are IPO titled in Germany!
Outside of bitework botha re extremly good family dogs, very social and clearheaded, they live in our home with our kids!

One female is staying here to be part of our breeding program and we are excited to see her progress. It was a very hard choice to made as we had all of them very nice puppies at this litter. She will be also trained and titled in IPO .

A - WURF  /  A -Litter  
  Texa von der Kinzigau (Kkl1, IPO 1, HD/ED normal, HD-ZW 77)    x   Molin vom Salztalblick (Kkl1, IPO 3, FH 2, HD/ED normal, HD-ZW: 84)

WT / Born:   30. of June 2016   -    4 Rüden / 4 Males, 2 Hündinnen / 2 Females  - alle tief dunkelgrau / dark sable

A - Litter of "Vom Haus Denfors K9"


***ADDI vom Haus Denfors K9***

Sunday, september the 04 th, 2016
This little boy was brought from Utah to his new Owner. We meet us in  Winnemucca / Nevada this early morning. ADDI is going to be an excellent working dog in IPO Schutzhunddesport in California!
See you soon little boy ( 9 weeks old man)


                                                                                                         At his new home, under Palms in California!

***ABBI vom Haus Denfors K9***

Friday, september, 02nd, 2016
She  is out of the house know. Today a really beautiful family came to pick her up.
We are more than happy cause this little girl run straight to Nancy and picked up Nancy and Nick!


                                                                                       At her new home with new owner Nancy and Nick and dogfriend CHAOS

The check up at the Vet was great! Everybody is in excellent condition. All five got their shots and their Microchip and they doing soo great.
I am so proud of this pack of strong puppies!

6 Wochen / Six weeks old now!
We really enjoy our Puppies! They have so much fun with them!
Very special Litter!

TAG 31 / Day 31 - 4 Wochen / Four weeks old now!
We really enjoy our Puppies!
Now they are 4 weeks old, Dark sable, such beautiful dark sable with dark faces, strong and confident pups - GREAT!
Very special Litter!

TAG 15 / Day 15
Eyes are open and the puppies walk around and play with each other- Great!


TAG 5 / Day 5  

TAG 1 / Day 1     

May 2016

We looking forward to our first Litter here in the US "Vom Haus Denfors K9"

We´ll breed Texa in May 2016!
Litter planned for end of June 2016.

Finally we decided for an excellent imported German male for our Breed from our Friend Vincent Tran/California:

Molin vom Salztalblick

Texa von der Kinzigau

Friends for Life

Der Deutscher Schäferhund - The German Shepherd

FCI-Standard Nr. 166
  Ursprung: Deutschland 
Rüde: 60-65 cm - Hündin: 55-60 cm 

Rüde: 30-40 kg - Hündin: 22-32 kg 

(Quelle: Internet)


"Horand von Grafrath", der Stammvater aller Deutschen Schäferhunde
(Quelle: Internet)

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